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Chimney Re-lining and lining (Tipperary, Limerick, Cork, Kerry & Clare)

ReliningThe majority of people at some stage throughout the lifetime of their house will have to re-line or install lining in their chimney flue chamber. The reason is that traditional clay liners have a maximum lifetime of between 20 to 30 years. The burning of wetter fuels such as turf or damp timber will reduce this lifetime significantly, also incidences of fire which can occur at any stage or other influences such as moisture/water intake will influence the life of the clay liners.

We have on many occasions been called in to repair damaged clay liners in houses that are only 2 to 3 months old which could have been damaged as a result of original poor workmanship or other circumstances including fire. The re-lining of chimney flue chambers can be carried out using a number of different materials, different materials are best suited to your particular chimney be it an old period, cottage, farmhouse, new/recent build type of chimney.

Many older properties have never been lined or were partially lined at some stage. This can make the flue chamber very unsafe and open to chimney fires or other damage as there is no containment with a proper flue chamber within the chimney itself. Call us and Munster Chimney Repairs will recommend the best type of re-lining or lining system to best suit your chimney.

Different Types Of Chimneys

There are many different types of chimneys, they differ in structure,height,material, etc. So it goes without saying that each chimney problem or damage will have a different diagnosis. Call us on our freephone number (1800 303406) for an accurate assessment of your chimney. Remember we have dealt with every type of chimney throughout nearly 30 years.

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