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About Chimney Repairs Munster (Limerick, Cork, Kerry & Clare)

Chimney Repairs in CorkChimney Repair CorkWe are a company with nearly 30 years experience in chimney repairs, chimney re-lining, lining, chimney building and associated works .We have dealt with every type of chimney including period or early century type ,old cottage or farmhouse type, and of course new or recently built chimneys.

With our experience we have solved many annoying chimney problems such as smoke problems and downdraught / updraught issues,chimney cracking and other such complaints. Clients of ours have often been given many different solutions by other chimney repair services or builders, but we were the only company who could solve their problems as we have the knowledge from nearly 30 years experience in this line of business alone. Clients often tell us what they think is wrong with their chimney, often they are correct but most of the time they have the wrong diagnosis or have been given bad or inaccurate advice.

Our company consists of highly skilled tradesmen for every aspect of the chimney repairs service including bricklayers/blocklayers, carpenters, plasterers , and even plumbers should a range, stove or similar need to be removed for the repairs to be carried out properly. Do not take a chance with these newly formed chimney repairs companies who are often originally building contractors from the boom years of the Irish economy who now think they know everything about chimney repairs and the associated works required.

At present up to a third of our chimney repairs consist of new or recently built chimneys which were built badly or in haste not allowing for proper expansion /contraction or just thrown together without thought in the past 10 years. We give our customers a 20 year guarantee on our products. Something that no other chimney repair company in the province or country can currently match .Don't take a chance with anyone else call Munster Chimney Repairs for a free survey of your chimney on 1800 303406.

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Nationwide Contact Number: 1800 303406